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A little bit about our store first...

This is the first women's boutique for the "east side" of Fishers. We saw a need and grabbed it! In an area that is rapidly growing, we are happy to grow with it!

You may find our store a little different than your typical clothing store. Here's why: we are all about grace, uplifting women and giving back to the community. Women - we get it. Our lives can be demanding - sometimes in the best ways and sometimes in the worst ways. We just want to be here to extend grace to you - and to ourselves! We want our store to be a place of calm, relaxation, and grace (hence, our name!). We want you to walk out of our doors happier than when you walked in. And we want to give back to the community as much as possible.

What else makes us different? We have a kids area right by our dressing rooms, so moms have no fear in taking your wee ones shopping! They will have a coloring table and toys and books to keep them busy!

Need to put your feet up for a bit? No problem - take a little rest in our lounge area.

Whatever you need, just let us know. We want to get to know you, make new friends, and connect with every woman in our community!

A little about our owner...

Libby is a married mom of three boys and has been a Fishers resident for nine years. She has worked in the corporate world for 14 years before deciding to go after her dream of owning her own boutique. As a self-professed shopping addict, Libby couldn't feel more at home inside the store (insert laughing emoji). You may also find Libby teaching a few fitness classes or personal training in the Fishers community! Fitness and health are another passion of hers!

Over the last few years, Libby has learned to take a step back and evaluate the things needing to change in her life. One of those things? Being less worried about image and "things" and more focused on true connection, positivity, and grace. "Goals and Grace" is her mantra.



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